Smart Buddy Problem

One day I decided to load up my Smart Buddy simcard. I thought it will expire if I won’t load it for 3 months. And so I decided to buy a P100 call card. I prefer to buy cards rather than e-load denominations because I feel I can save much from that.

After loading it on my cellfone. I decided to register in the all text 20 promo wherein I can have 100 free tects messages Smart to Smart and 10 free text to other networks. It took me an hour just trying to send the syntax but failed. I thought that the network might be congested to I postponed my eagerness until next morning thinking that I will be able to register to the promo. 

I woke up the nest morning at 4am… and until 6 in the morning I was attempting to send the keyword to 2827. I was so pissed so I decided to just avail of the unli text 25 promo (unlimited texts to the same network and 10 free texts to others) with a different access number(258). It was successful. The message was sent and I received a confirmation message that I could use my unli text right away. 

With such joy from that success, I immediately texted all my Smart Networt user friends and forwarded quotations. To my disgust I found out that there was no load left in the account. The message showed CHECK OPERATOR SERVICES!

All my prepaid load was sucked up by this network! I was very disappointed. I immediately removed my Smart Buddy simcard from my cellphone, got a hammer and crushed it.  

This useless pathetic network is really not a practical choice!

Since then I swear not to buy Smart Simcard forever. I will just stick to Globe and Suncellular.


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