The Best College Course for the Undecided

So many undergraduate courses have sprouted like mushrooms in the education parlance. Graduating highschool students have lots of choices as to what field they would like to explore in their college years.

 Nowadays, two-year diploma courses are in demand because they offer short-term education with more opportunities abroad. I had taken up a six-month Caregiver course with the hope that I can be employed abroad the soonest possible time. I learned some Nursing terms and practiced in the public hospitals some filthy procedures in first aid treatment.

After finishing that course, I decided to try my luck and apply for international employment. There were lots of recruitment agencies that offered “too good to be true” salaries and work benefits. Of course the placement fees were sky high and the waiting period was said to be six months to two years.

I was so disappointed with the ways of these recruiters. More than that, I was very disappointed with our government… Does it do something to cease the wrong doings of these evils?

After few months of idling and waiting for the best recruitment agency, I decided to apply for local employment. As an undergraduate and having only a vocational diploma, I did not aspire for manegerial post. I was contented being a sales representative. I saw the agonies and pressures of the store managers when the bosses were there to check on the store performance. They were humiliated in front of employees for every mistikes that bosses had found out. What a shame… I said to myself. I won’t allow that to happen to me if I were the managers. Imagine being blames by the wicked owners.

I did not stay long in that field for I felt that if I am not a degree holder, I will stay forever as a sales representative. I decided to pursue my study. The first question that entered my mind was; “What course shall I take?” , “What do I want?”. 

“I wanted to graduate the soonest possible time”, I told myself. More importatly I wanted to have financial security with the profession I shall pursue. And fianlly I wanted to impart knowledge to people inorder to inspite them. It all boiled down to Teaching.

There is no money in teaching says some professors. But I believe it is not all about the money. It is about passion and self fulfillment. The pride and joy of seeing your students learn their A B C’s is a great achievement no amount of money can buy.


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