Google Chrome Review

I’ m always having problems with what browser am I going to use when browsing through the internet. As From my previous post, I already shifted from using the Internet Explorer Browser to the Mozilla Firefox. Although firefox is a great tool, I always end up editing the add-ons and plug-ins. I am annoyed with browsers with much add-ons.

My search engine is always google. I tried to make my yahoo, the best of my yahoo, pldt dsl, and others as my homepage but too many visuals sometimes make me feel dizzy. I want less images but powerful functions.

While opening up my browser, I read the Google Chrome (Beta) Browser, I had second thoughts in trying it because it is still BETA. But as I read the information, I decided to give it a try.

It only took me less than 10 minutes to install the browser, then I tried it. It is really amazing. Google Chrome is a breath of fresh air. There are less buttons and add-ons. More so, it serves as a search engine itself. Tabs can be easily move to arranged the way you want it. You can eveb pull out the tab and make it a new window and return it again as a tab.Incognito mode allows to surf net in private.

With this simple yet powerful features of chrome, I wont be going back to my old browser again.


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