How to make Virgin Coconut Oil

As we all know, there are many benefits we can get from virgin coconut oil (VCO). Many commercialized and branded VCOs are already out in the market but tagged with a high price. Moreso, its purity has been altered with the addition of substsances to maximized the shelf life.


Lots of benefits can  be obtained from this miracle oil. Whether taken internally or applied externally, you can immediately experience the wonderful effects of it in your body. This oil is an effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and aids in almost any ailments. I have researched and read some articles on how to make this miracle oil and tried it, it really works. I applied it on my hair and it made it shinnier and smoother. It also removes some skin diseases like athlete’s foot, and others caused by fungi.

How to make Virgin Coconut Oil

You will need:

freshly extracted coconut milk (up to 2nd extraction only)

that’s all.


  1. Set aside the freshly extracted coconut milk in a clean wide mouth container. cover it with clean piece of cloth. Leave it in a clean odor free area for 24 hours.
  2. After 24 hours, you can see that the coconut milk has 3 layers. The cream part on the topmost, the oil ( this is the virgin coconut oil) in the middle, and the water at the bottom.
  3. Get the oil by removing the cream part first. Be careful not to scoop the oil.
  4. Put the extracted oil in a glass container and filter it using coffee filters several times until the oil is crystal clear.
  5. Store the clean virgin coconut oil in a clean bottle.

There it is folks,,, making virgin coconut oil is just as easy as clicking this blogsite. Clean and properly made VCO can last up to 2 months on the shelf.


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