How to fix your pressurized water tanks.

If you are using pressurized water tank in your house, and you encounter some problems like frequent pumping of the motor, the tank’s water level may not be compatible with the pressure inside. Surely, do-it-yourself fixing of your water tank may save you money but it requires precaution and safety if ever you are attempting to fix it for the first time. It is always advisable to get help from a knowledgeable plumber.

When fixing your water system, always remember to turn off the electrical switch / pull the electric plug of the pump from the source.

Do not drain the tank yet! It could lead to collapsing/crumpling of the tank and could be fatal if hit by the strong water pressure.

Open the faucets to release the pressure of the tank. Once the water is released from faucets, release the remaining pressure of the pump by removing the water pressure meter first( if the meter is installed on the tank), then the pressure switch. You can now drain your tank.

It would be easier and safer if you have installed a ballvalve for quick drainage. Always remember to make sure that when you drain the tank, the pathway of the pressurized water must be facing down to avoid accidents. You can connect a straight elbow in a horizontal pipe connected to the drain hole at the bottom of the tank.

Always remember to observe safety when doing any work.


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