The Pinoy Teacher

I’ve been surfing the net for years now and it really helped me alot in some of the things I really wanna find out in everything… from assignments in school up to simple downloading problems.  I created this blogsite with no categories yet. I just want to help others with some other things I know.

The Pinoyteacher blogsite actually speaks well of my profession… a school teacher. I wish to help others who are taking up Teacher Education or are planning to shift to this course.

So what are the perks of becoming a teacher?

As most educators and professors in the academe would tell education students, “There is no money in teaching.” Yeah right, actually I’ve read it is the noblest profession. That to be a good teacher, you must have that passion for teaching and etc…

Basically, teachers are the guardians of civilization. In this word where technology is fast paced and where change is constant, teachers are the one who preserve the essence of true education.

We Filipinos nowadays can easily adapt to the cultures of other country because of the internet technology. There’s nothing wrong with the internet, but there must be limitations. We cannot allow all that are published on the net to be absorbed by our young citizens.

“As teachers, we must immediately correct every evil acts that our students attempt to imitate.”

I am proud of all the pinoy teachers around the world who are struggling to bring out the best in every students. And who are continously updating their knowledge to improve the quality of education that every Filipino students deserve.

My Alma Mater since high school.

My Alma Mater since high school.


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